Interactive video player for conference streaming

Fully customisable and with innovative features, the On Rewind Conferences video player increases engagement and interaction.
Chapters improve navigation through the video and make it easy to find information. Sharing is easier and the message is spread more widely.
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Connected chaptering technology

By creating interactivity within the video player, you allow your audience to view a great variety of additional information, without interfering with their viewing experience.
Key features
Speaker cards

The speaker's information is visible within the chapters (name, company, political party, jobs, social networks...)


Navigation in the video by chapter, topics or agenda. Available live and in replay through our online administration platform.


A search function is integrated into the reader to easily find a topic or a speaker.


Chapters and speeches can be shared on social networks or by e-mail.

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Chaptering for better information

On Rewind technology enables quick and easy chaptering of the agenda, chapters or speech within a live or VOD streaming of a conference, meeting, keynote or presentation.

Viewers can quickly navigate from one point to another or catch up the beginning of a topic.

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Speakers highlighted

Information about the speaker can be consulted in a card by mouse hovering over his name.
It’s possible to display a photo, a description, job, company, main personal links (Facebook, Twitter, personal website).

This module displays a list of all the previous speaker interventions.

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Connected to social networks

Increase your webcasts visibility with our connected features:

- Sharing chapters on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail
- On Rewind Simulcast: our application for live multicasting on video platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch...)
- On Rewind Stream clipping: give viewers or organisers the possibility to create clips of your webcast for sharing or archiving

pillar 4

Fully customisable

All the graphic elements of the video player can be customised with the client's colours for optimal integration into their website and maximise its graphic identity.

This customisation also makes it possible to identify the origin of the content in the event of third-party integration.

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Powerful technologies

The On Rewind Conferences video player is based on the latest technology for maximum compatibility. 
- Responsive design on all types of screens and browsers (computer, tablet, mobile)
- HTML5 programming
- HLS streaming protocol with multibitrate 5 qualities encoding (1080p to 160p) for smooth playback on all devices and networks

pillar 6

And many other features ...

Integration of files and URLs as attachments to a chapter, Live shifting (DVR), Subtitle insertion (.srt, .vtt...), Third party integration by iFrame, Multilingual interface (fr/en/nl...), Offline placeholder, Automatic startup or not