Launch your OTT platform easily

Stream live and on demand and reach your audience on any device in a secure way. 
Monetize your content and offer the best fan experience with our unique white label platform. 
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Manage your content

Our back office offers an easy interface to control, manage and distribute your live streaming.

Scalable and reliable

Our infrastructure based on AWS Media Services enables us to scale up with your audience. 


Our out-of-the-box applications are available across web, iOS, Android and Smart TV.

pillar 1

Launch your own OTT platform

Deliver content on your own video-first website and native applications branded with your colours. 
Cast your content to Smart TVs, Roku, Chromecast, Fire Stick and Apple TV devices without the need to develop dedicated applications.

pillar 2

Manage your live streams and VOD librairies

We give you the tools to publish your live streams and VOD content on your platform. Generate thumbnails, manage your metadata and create channels, playlists and categories to populate automatically your platform. 

We enable also automated transcription and translation to offer subtitling for multiple territories.

pillar 3

Deliver high quality video experience

Origins Digital OTT Platform is powered by AWS Media Services to produce broadcast-quality live streaming videos.  We scale automatically as the audience grows.

Our award winning video player enables enriched streaming built around user engagement.

pillar 4

Better understanding of your fans

With our real time user analytics get to know your audience's consumption habits. Increase video consumption by sourcing relevant content.

Expand user loyalty by boosting content plays and completion rates. Reduce churn by offering high-interest content.

pillar 5

Provide a secured experience

To protect your content we provide a set of tools preventing piracy, blocking streaming in certain regions or adding watermarks.

We have a complete geoblocking module to reach and exclude specific audiences.No content is accessible without authentication and all the datas are secured via SSL certificates.

We can additionally offer DRM protections using FairPlay, PlayReady and WideVine.

pillar 6

Monetize your content

We rely on Stripe to cover your payment needs on web, Apple Pay and Android Pay supporting 135 currencies and local payments. 
We can create subscription packages (per game, per competition, per month, per year…) as well as Pay-per-View. 
We are connected to ad servers and ad management platforms to display ads in the video player (prerolls, midrolls or overlays) and on the website or mobile applications.