Using our app can offer several benefits, such as providing a seamless and personalized experience for your fans, improving engagement and interaction, and increasing revenue opportunities through sponsor visibility and targeted advertising. The app can also offer dedicated services to fans attending matches, such as transportation, mobile tickets, interactive maps, and food and beverage options. Overall, using our app can enhance the overall fan experience and help you build a strong and loyal community around your brand.


  • Personalise your relationships with your fans

By offering your fans a unique experience, you strengthen their bond with the club and make them feel part of the team. Make them be a part of an unparalleled experience. Your new mobile application will become the privileged media of your fans.

  • Building a loyal fan community

To build a strong and loyal fan base, it is important to provide your fans with daily tools and exclusive content that can help them feel more connected to your brand. This can be achieved by sharing memorable moments and creating a sense of community among your supporters. With the right strategies in place, you can turn casual fans into passionate and loyal supporters who will stay with your brand for years to come.

  • Retain your new community

Your mobile application will continue to evolve in order to stay in touch with the current trends of technology and user experience. Essential features such as Podcasts, gamification, and  stories are integrated which will connect to your fans and be at the heart at your project.

  • Involve your audience through gamification

The gamification features are know to improve engagement. Four tools are available for you to choose to increase accounts creation & fan involvement. Thanks to the Origins gamification tools, you will have the possibility to engage your fans and create sponsorship opportunities.

  • Enhance the stadium experience

Fans want to have a good experience, varying from onsite entertainment to a safe and comfortable environment including an exciting atmosphere. We offer dedicated services to your fans at the stadium: transportation, M-ticket, interactive map or food & beverage.

  • Monetise and increase match day revenues

By utilizing the latest features, you can greatly improve the quality of service you offer to your fans, particularly when they attend matches. With the mobile application, you can showcase your sponsors and give them greater visibility while integrating them into the overall fan experience.

A groundbreaking solution

AC Milan selected Origins Digital as their partner to create, develop, and launch their brand-new official app and website. Our innovative technology and advanced integration allows for easy configuration and management of editorial content. By choosing Origins, AC Milan has been able to offer their fans an exceptional digital experience that truly represents the essence of their iconic brand which has resulted in significant engagement increase from previous platforms.

The official Roland Garros App

The application is dedicated to fans and spectators of the famous French Open.
Tennis fans can follow the matches, results and statistics of the players as well as exclusive contents of the tournament. 
An immersive mode even allows visitors to find useful services for their visit.

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