Interactive player for sport streaming

Provide a unique fan experience on OTT with our enriched layer for sports. Our advanced “Timewheel” highlights key moments of a game. Fans gain access to live statistics, multicam or chat at anytime. This groundbreaking innovation can be added to any video player.

Key Points

  1. Enhance Streaming Experience : The Origins Enriched Overlay is designed to deliver a captivating user experience that will keep today's demanding audiences fully engaged with your platform, and not somebody else’s. 
  2. Video Player agnostic: The Origins Enriched Overlay is an SDK that is video-player agnostic, allowing a straightforward integration into your streaming workflow.
  3. Live stats and interactivity: Provide real-time access to live stats, standings, results, and lineups, all synced with the official match data provider. Plus, take advantage of multicam features, which can provide multiple camera angles and simultaneous games, so fans will never miss a moment.
  4. Boost engagement and retention: Our Enriched Overlay is proven to keep sporting audiences engaged and coming back for more. Shape your future strategy by capturing data that allows you to truly understand your viewers.
  5. A brand new revenue stream: Our Enriched Overlay not only enhances engagement with its innovative features, but it also valuable real estate for your sponsors. By making brands a part of the show, you can improve monetization and diversify your sources of revenue.

FIFA World Cup: HBS Official Broadcast solutions

We have been entrusted by FIFA and HBS to deliver a range of official broadcast solutions for the 2014, 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup. Solutions included the delivery and management of performance data widgets, and a bespoke Enriched Overlay experience that was integrated into the official Applications of selected international broadcasters to boost interactivity on top of live match streams.

Proximus Football Streaming Upgrade

Proximus, one of Belgium's leading broadcasters, deployed the Origins Enriched Overlay on top of their Pickx platform. Originally launched solely for UEFA Champions League matches, the subsequent increase in view time and engagement has led to its expansion across all football shown on Pickx. This new standard has set the bar for live sport streaming in Belgium, with 640 matches delivered in ‘interactive mode’ last year.


Since 2018, we have delivered beIN’s OTT platform for both web and mobile. The platform is customised locally across Europe, MENA & North America to ensure relevance for all fans. This ensured beIN sports was a go-to destination for fans in between match days, and acted as a true ‘second-screen’ solution during matches.

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