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    Proximus Enhances Viewer Experience with Interactive Football Streaming

    Proximus, one of Belgium's leading broadcasters, deployed the Origins Enriched Overlay on top of their Pickx platform. Originally launched solely for UEFA Champions League matches, the subsequent increase in view time and engagement has led to its expansion across all football shown on Pickx. This new standard has set the bar for live sport streaming in Belgium, with 640 matches delivered in ‘interactive mode’ last year.

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Whether it’s delivering End-to-End OTT services, or building Front-end experiences for seamless integration into existing products, the diverse range of digital experiences we have delivered for Tier One broadcasters across the globe will ensure your project is in very safe hands.


  • Origins OTT: Our proprietary OTT platform is built with fast and flexible deployment in mind. From VOD and live stream management, to personnalisation and subscription management, it all lives here.
  • Enriched Overlay: Fans don’t just want action, they want interaction. Keep fans on your platforms by boosting interactivity and engagement on top of the stream and truly change the game.
  • App: Custom built Mobile applications. Our team has significant experience in delivering applications for broadcasters by creating world-class digital experiences that are tailored to meet specific organisational goals.
  • Sportkit: Designed from over a decade of understanding fan consumption habits, the Origins Sportkit has pre-built sport specific products designed to ensure your website is the go-to destination 

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Since 2018, we have delivered beIN’s OTT platform for both web and mobile. The platform is customised locally across Europe, MENA & North America to ensure relevance for all fans. This ensured beIN sports was a go-to destination for fans in between match days, and acted as a true ‘second-screen’ solution during matches.

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