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    FFGolf.tv: The Ultimate Streaming Platform for Golfers in France

    Origins Digital was tasked with designing a streaming platform for the French Golf Federation, and the result is FFGolf.tv - a platform created specifically for the country's golfers. The platform offers tutorials, documentaries, and over 500 hours of video on demand, as well as live broadcasting of selected events. With its bookmarking feature, golfers can access specific videos across all devices and improve their game in specific areas. FFGolf.tv is the go-to destination for anyone looking to discover or improve their golf game in France.

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Revolutionize Your League/Federation with Origins Digital's Solutions

Origins Digital offers cutting-edge solutions for Leagues and Federations to enhance their fan engagement and revenue streams.  Our suite of products includes OTT, website, and app development, allowing you to reach your audience across multiple platforms.  With our advanced integration and CMS management, you can easily configure and manage your content, delivering a seamless  and tailored experience to your fans. Whether you're looking to expand your reach or monetize your content, Origins Digital has the  expertise and technology to help you achieve your goals. 
Our Solutions 
  • Origins OTT : Our proprietary OTT platform is built with fast and flexible deployment in mind. From VOD and live stream management, to personalisation and subscription management, it all lives here.
  • Mobile App : Custom built Mobile applications. Our team has over a decade of experience in creating world-class club applications that are tailored to meet specific organisational goals.
  • Sportkit : Designed from over a decade of understanding fan consumption habits, the Origins sportkit has pre-built sport specific components that are designed to ensure your club can build a direct and valuable digital relationship with your fans.

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Liga Serie A's Official App

Origins Digital launches Liga Serie A's official app in 2022. Detailed performance data, news, live match center, highlights, and instant links to live broadcasts. A go-to destination for all Serie A fans, closely following players, checking scores, buying tickets, and staying updated.

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FFGOLF.TV: The Streaming Platform for Golfers

Origins Digital designs FFGolf.tv, a streaming platform for the French Golf Federation. Tutorials, documentaries, 500+ hours of VOD, live events, and bookmarking feature for golfers to improve their game. The go-to destination for golf enthusiasts in France.

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Your All-in-One Solution: HANDBALL.TV

We partners with French Handball Federation, Women's Handball League & National Handball League to create HandballTV. The ultimate OTT for fans, offering latest games, highlights, exclusive content. Advanced advertising, sponsor integrations, pay-per-view options drive revenue and elevate the sport

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